A minimalist experience worth sharing.

On the paper, Shoji is a connected, mobile and ecological tiny home.
In the reality, it is a minimalist experience you should definitely try.


Hristina, Jonathan, Ivelin, Borislav, Daniel, Tihomir, Stilian, Biserka. We are a team of passionate minimalists. We believe it's about time to focus on what truly matters, wether it's for a day or a life time. This passion can be experienced in the design, mobile, functional and eco-friendly homes and pods we are building for 8 years. Let's talk, let's meet. Jonathan welcomes you in the Shoji home he lives in. Isn't it the best way to be convinced?

Shoji home

For a lifetime.

Some of us are ready to drop it all to live with a few belongings, in a small but spacious space. With the idea to reconnect to what matters, having a limited footprint and being able to move with life changes, Shoji Home is the perfect and affordable "my place" you can make yours.

Shoji pod

For a weekend.

Some of us are not ready to drop it all to live forever in a minimal space. We understand. But we know you wish to experience a minimalist experience, to disconnect to reconnect when times require a deep breath. With the idea to be an escape in the nature from your daily worries, Shoji Pod is the perfect "my cabin" you can run to when needed.

Step further

3 ways to experience it.

Be a spectator or an actor, your choice. You can be both.
Check out my minimalist living journal to get a feeling of Shoji.
Or experience it yourself: rent mine out or get yours.

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